A Virtual Tour of Conifer House

Since 2020, the world as we know it has changed. Helping seniors find a comfortable and safe care setting in-person was no longer an option, so we found a solution!  Say hello our latest feature: a virtual tour! Take a stroll through our building from the comfort of your very own home (or car, or doctor’s office, or post office!). As you’ll see, we take pride in our space.  We value hygiene, safety, wellness and aesthetically beautiful settings.  Adapting to new challenges is something we have taken in stride. Feel free to visit our COVID-19 Alert Page to see how we have responded to other elements of this global challenge.  Our facility is once again accepting visitors and offering tours.  That being the case, we would love to set up a visit and meet with you face-to-face!  We would love to show you the things that cannot captured by a virtual tour of Conifer House, like our wonderful care team. You may have a hard time appreciating the peaceful, quiet nature of our hallways.  It may also be difficult to get a good sense of our ample natural lighting.  Nonetheless, take a virtual tour and get to know our space! We hope to see you in Corvallis soon!

logo for virtual tour of conifer house